Sightseeing guide of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

Hot spring & stay Please relax and enjoy breathing fresh air deeply
and slowly unwind from the fatigue of your trip at a hot spring and a private inn.

Mikuni has more than 25 Japanese style inns and hotels, most of which have hot springs from the Mikuni Onsen.

The spring’s water qualities have been described as “warm, moistening and beauty-enhancing”. Mikuni Onsen includes sodium, calcium chloride and sulfate, which give the water a moisturizing effect.

At “Mikuni Onsen Your Port”, a day trip Onsen facility located next to Mikuni Sunset Beach, you can enjoy the Onsen while watching the sun set over the Sea of Japan.

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Mikuni Sightseeing Association

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in Fukui,Mikuni, and Awara areas.

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Sightseeing guide of Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

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