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Tojinbo and Mikuni Minato Course

  • Couples
  • 2 Days/1 Night

This 2-day itinerary takes visitors to Tojinbo, one of Fukui Prefecture’s most popular tourist destinations; and Mikuni Minato, a retro town that once prospered as a port of call on the Kitamaebune trading route; along with several other fantastic spots in the area.

Day 1

10:30 am Depart from Fukui Station
(Travel time by car) Approx. 50 minutes
11:20 am Oshima Island

Oshima Island

Revered as the Island of the Divine since ancient times, Oshima is an uninhabited island with sharp and steep cliffs formed about 13 million years ago with a 27-meter elevation and 2-kilometer circumference. To reach Oshima, you’ll cross a vermilion-lacquered 224-meter-long bridge buffeted by the powerful Sea of Japan breeze. Pass through the “torii” gate and ascend a steep flight of rustic steps to the 1,400-year-old Ominato Shrine, which enshrines the Deity of Bows and Arrows and the Guardian of the Sea, and is said to have been visited by historic military commanders like Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Akechi Mitsuhide. From the shrine are also dynamic views of the Tojinbo cliffs, so take a moment to appreciate the scenery. Next, set out on Oshima’s walking trails and feel the mysterious world of ancient times, such as the primeval forest of Japanese cinnamon and bay trees. Enjoy the island’s unique and sacred natural scenery.

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12:25 pm Depart from Oshima Island
(Travel time by car) Approx. 1 minute
12:30 pm Sea Restaurant Ootoku

Sea Restaurant Ootoku

Follow up exploring Oshima, the Island of the Divine, with lunch at Sea Restaurant Ootoku, Oshima’s closest restaurant. As promised by its name, Sea Restaurant Ootoku boasts stunning seaside vistas that are a feast for the eyes. The restaurant boasts creative cuisine using fresh seafood from the local Mikuni Port market and other scrumptious seasonal ingredients, served in a refined space. The recommended Ootoku Gokumizen set features super fresh sashimi caught in the Sea of Japan, as well as a choice of fish and even meat dishes. Each dish is lovingly put together by the chef, who strives to provide guests with a taste of the local goodness.

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1:35 pm Depart from Sea Restaurant Ootoku
(Travel time by car) Approx. 5 minutes
1:40 pm Tojinbo


After lunch, head to Tojinbo, one of the world’s three most scenic spots. Tojinbo is a series of gigantic columnar joints that stretch for about 1 kilometer along the Sea of Japan. Its over-20-meter-high cliffs and dynamic rock formations carved by the ocean flaunt the beauty and might of nature, making it a geological treasure that is rightly recognized as a Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument of Japan. Visitors can walk all over the Tojinbo cliffs to see its columnar jointing up close, which are a rare sight even overseas, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Embrace the exhilaration of standing atop these tall, daunting wonders, and witness the creations of time itself. For another view, hop aboard the Tojinbo Sightseeing Boat for a cruise around Tojinbo and nearby Oshima Island. The boat lets you view the mighty cliffs rising from the sea up close and will take you to picturesque spots inaccessible from land.At dusk, the scenery changes completely when the sky and sea take on the glow of the setting sun, which gently envelops visitors with its splendor. If you are lucky, you might even see the “green flash,” which is the green glow visible for a few seconds as the sun sets below the horizon.

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Tojinbo Shopping Street

After enjoying the impressive sights of Tojinbo, grab a bite and shop for souvenirs on Tojinbo Shopping Street. This bustling street stretches about 300 meters from the front of the cliffs, and is lined by about 30 restaurants offering fresh seafood along with souvenir shops and more. The delicious aromas in the air will surely whet your appetite, coming from delicacies like grilled squid and shellfish, as well as regional Wakasa beef sushi. There’s also an irresistible lineup of sweets to gorge on, such as soft-serve ice cream topped with baked sweet potato, the Tojinbo Cliffs Cream Puff, and more.

2:50 pm Depart from Tojinbo
(Travel time by car) Approx.7 minutes
3:00 pm Takidanji Temple

Takidanji Temple

After soaking up the dynamic natural wonder of Tojinbo, drive to a temple enveloped in tranquility. Established in 1375, Takidanji is an ancient temple representative of Mikuni, and was protected as a place of prayer by numerous warlords and local rulers from the middle to the early modern periods. Many of Takidanji Temple’s structures are recognized as Important Cultural Properties, including the Main Gate, Main Hall, and Founder’s Hall. Its Treasure Hall displays a priceless collection of artworks and traditional crafts, such as a gilt bronze Buddhist gong with a flower design from the Heian Period. The temple garden is also believed to have been created in the mid-Edo Period. It is perched on a hill and designed in the “sansui” landscape style, and is a designated Place of National Scenic Beauty. The natural freshness and rugged beauty of the garden in each season is what mesmerizes visitors.

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3:55 pm Depart from Takidanji Temple
(Travel time by car) Approx. 3 minutes
4:00 pm Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel

Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel

At the end of a full day of sightseeing, you’ll no doubt want to check into your hotel and rest. Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel stands on a hill in Mikuni with ocean views in every room, promising vistas of one of the Top 100 Sunsets in Japan. It is also equipped with its own natural hot spring filling several types of baths, like a large shared bath encased in unique tatami mat flooring, and an open-air bath where you can soak with the refreshing sea breeze on your face. The buffet-style dinner and breakfast feature a wide array of dishes using fresh seafood from Mikuni Port and other local seasonal ingredients.

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Day 2

09:55 am Check out of Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel
(Travel time on foot) Approx. 1 minute
10:00 am Sakai City Ryusho Museum

Sakai City Ryusho Museum

While exploring, you’ll likely have spotted the unique white Western-style building perched upon a hill overlooking the Sea of Japan just a short walk from the hotel. This is the Sakai City Ryusho Museum, which introduces the history, geography, and culture of all of Sakai City. Its unique five-story octagon-shaped building is modeled on the exterior of the Ryusho Elementary School, which was built in 1879 and once stood as a symbol of Mikuni. Housed in such a photogenic, retro building, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually a museum inside! The museum’s exhibitions demonstrate the full appeal of Sakai City’s many attractions, and are designed with unique innovations to encourage learning while having fun. The 4th floor Observation Deck is a bright, poppy space with the sky and clouds painted on its walls and a balcony commanding an exhilarating 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings, stretching out as far as Mt. Hakusan on clear days.

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10:55 am Depart from Sakai City Ryusho Museum
(Travel time by car) Approx. 5 minutes
11:00 am Mikuni Minato

Mikuni Minato

Once you’ve learnt the history of Minatomachi Mikuni at the Sakai City Ryusho Museum, savor a walk through the charming town. Mikuni Minato flourished as a port of call on the Kitamaebune shipping route from the mid-18th century to the end of the 19th century, and the rows of traditional townhouses with lattice doors and homes of wealthy merchants continue to reflect the prosperity of the past. Kitamae-dori Street, considered the heart of town, is home to many such attractions. Highlights include the Former Kishina Family Residence, the former home of a family who made their fortune in the lumber business; and the Former Morita Bank, which flaunts classical Western European architecture and is the oldest reinforced concrete building in Fukui Prefecture. Be sure to also pop into the Mikuni Minato Machiya-kan, which serves as the local sightseeing base and rest area and has volunteer guides on standby. If you get hungry during your stroll, try the famous “sake manju” (sake-flavored buns with red bean paste filling). There are three stores in town selling this treat, and although they look alike, each boasts its own unique flavor and often sell out by mid- morning. Try all three and find your favorite!

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12:45 pm Depart from the Former Kishina Family Residence
(Travel time on foot) 5 minutes
12:50 pm S’Amuser


Take a mid-stroll break with lunch at S’Amuser, a French restaurant brimming with Mikuni’s old-world vibe. The restaurant’s name means “enjoy” in French, reflecting the chef’s desire to make it a place where guests can have a great time eating. It’s housed in a renovated Taisho Period building with a sophisticated character that appears totally different inside and out. The 1st floor is wide-open and spacious, while the 2nd is more upscale and luxurious. The dishes are beautifully presented with carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients and tableware and show the attention to detail of the award-winning chef. A la carte dishes are also available, so sit back and unwind with a glass of wine and conversation.

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1:55 pm Depart from S’Amuser
(Travel time on foot) Approx. 1 minute
2:00 pm Itoya


Don’t pass up the opportunity to try “chochin” lantern making, a recommended Mikuni experience! Itoya, opened in 1791, is one of the few remaining lantern studios in Japan that make lanterns entirely from scratch. These “Mikuni chochin” lanterns are constructed from traditional wooden molds, thin bamboo strips, and “washi” paper, and are designated a Traditional Local Craft of Fukui Prefecture. Being painstakingly handmade by expert craftspeople, they are sturdy and long-lasting. A number of workshops for visitors are available, such as the Mikuni Chochin Lantern Making Experience, where you’ll craft a genuine lantern from scratch, along with the Chochin Lantern Painting Experience Pro, where you can practice the techniques of traditional craftspeople. So, how about making your very own original lantern as a souvenir of your trip? (advance reservation required)

4:20 pm Depart from Itoya
(Travel time by car) Approx. 40 minutes
5:00 pm Fukui Station
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